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Daily Classes and Programs

Body Strength and Conditioning | 847-233-0656 | Strength Training

Body Strength and Conditioning Training for Boxing

Body strength and conditioning are one of the most essential aspects of preparing your body for boxing. It maximizes performance, prevents injury, and increases efficiency. Upper-body and lower-body exercises are used along with various resistance exercises in a boxing program. Core exercises help in providing a strong foundation and a stable base for throwing powerful punches. Olympic lifts, Plyometrics and workouts to develop strength foundations benefit the boxing enthusiast and competitive fighter.

Body strength and conditioning exercises for lower-body

Body Strength and Conditioning classes at Hyper Fight and Fitness Club, 847-233-0656, Strength TrainingLower body strengthening is important for providing strength, improving performance and throwing power punches. Professional boxers need a lot of strength, balance and endurance in their legs during the fight. Boxers need to concentrate on strengthening their calves, hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps to develop a strong lower body. Exercises involving squats, heal raises, lunges, deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts make up a boxer’s basic lower body strengthening program.

Repetition and resistance exercises done in sets, can concentrate more endurance power and strength in the lower body. Improving flexibility of the boxer is also important. Boxers need to move from side to side and out of the way quickly to avoid a punch. It requires quick footwork and agility. Exercises such as step ups, single-leg squats, and jump rope help in increasing agility and flexibility.

Body strength and conditioning exercises for the upper body

A good upper body of a boxer includes toned and strong triceps, chest and shoulders. A strong upper body provides the boxer, extra strength when throwing a punch. The back muscles on the upper half of the body help in maintaining and stabilizing posture, and providing control when executing a combination of punches.

Exercises such as incline presses, shoulder presses, chest presses and push-ups challenge the body’s punching and pushing muscles. Exercises that involve pulling movement such as pull-ups, pull-downs and rows help make the upper back muscles strong. Front raises and side raises for the shoulders can give more stability and strength when throwing punches.

Pulling exercises can be combines with pulling exercises to save workout time. For instance, a chest press exercise can be followed by rows. A program that has equal amounts of pulling and pushing exercise is good for boxers who use pushing muscles a lot for punching.

Body strength and conditioning – plyometric exercises

Plyometric training aids in improving speed and throwing an explosive punch. The training consists of exercises such as jump squats, jumping lunges and box jumps. The exercises require the boxers to explode powerfully into the air while doing jump squat exercises. It strengthens the upper body and arms and increases punching power.

Body strength and conditioning – core exercise

Strong lower-back and abdominal muscles are critical to enhance longevity and performance of a boxer. The number of rotating movements on punches have and extreme impact on the boxer’s core body. A strong core improves the efficiency of the boxer and prevents excess tissue breakdown in his lower back.

Exercises like side planks and planks can help in adding strength and stability. Lower and upper body Russian twists can help the torso gain strength and give strong muscles for throwing punches.

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