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BoxFit Chicago | 847-233-0656 | Fitness Boxing Workout

BoxFit Chicago - Features and Benefits of Boxfit Exercises

An important aspect of getting in shape for boxing is choosing the correct fitness plan. You can find many varieties of programs involving different exercise regimes, but not all of them are suitable for boxing. If you want to take boxing classes, one way to prepare your body for the sport is by taking Boxfit classes. It is a fitness regime that is suitable for many fitness goals such as losing fat, building muscle and enhancing aerobic conditioning.

BoxFit Chicago, call  847-233-0656, boxing workout at Hyper Fight and FitnessBoxfit exercises are effective due to their high intensity workouts. But it is important to consult a doctor before you start Boxfit classes. You need to get a complete health checkup and make sure your body is healthy enough to endure an intense exercise regime.

BoxFit Chicago -  Overview

Boxfit is a fitness regime that is popular in USA and United Kingdom. The workout involves a variant of cardio kickboxing. Boxfit uses high-intensity variant of cardiovascular training which uses combat moves. It is a combination of ‘boot camp’ and boxing exercises. You need to work on calisthenics and practice kickboxing on heavy bags. Unlike other workouts, Boxfit requires you to perform rapid movements in successions, making it an efficient workout regime.

BoxFit Chicago - Benefits of exercises

Boxfit is a great exercise regime for weight loss. Each session of the exercise regime involves training in kickboxing that can burn up to 1,000 calories, as per ‘Men’s Fitness’ health magazine. Losing weight depends on your ability to burn calories more than the amount you consume. Boxfit workouts are desirable as they have been proven to burn huge amount of calories. Its high-intensity of aerobic workout can also enhance your endurance and cardiovascular capacity, which is critical for general and sports health. Finally, kicking and punching heavy bags, performing squats and other exercises that test your endurance can help you build muscle and lose fat.

BoxFit Chicago - exercises for upper body

Similar to conventional boxing, Boxfit exercises focus mainly on moves for the upper body. Elbow strikes and punching against heaving boxing bags and though the air can aid in building strength. Unlike resistance training, Boxfit exercises do not burden your muscles with resistance and allows free movement that makes your upper body flexible and agile. Other workouts may include overhead pressers, bicep curls, dumbbell exercises, kettle bell and push-ups.

BoxFit Chicago - exercises for lower body

Boxfit exercises are also good for working out the lower body. Exercises such are lunges, squats, jumping rope and kicking to strengthen the lower body. Along with these exercises, calisthenics like running and jumping jacks are used to warm up the body. Practicing explosive movements for long periods of time can assist in improving strength and muscular endurance in the lower body.

BoxFit Chicago – exercises for your core

Boxfit exercise routines also provide good workouts for your body’s core parts such as hip flexors, lower back and your abs. Your body core helps in transferring energy between your lower and upper body, so regular kicking and punching help in training your core. Along with this, some training classes provide Boxfit classes that concentrate on building your core. The classes use medicine balls, kettle bells, and exercises that involve medicine balls planks and ball slams.

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