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Features and Equipment of Boxing Stations

Boxing Stations or boxing stands are similar to small boxing gyms. The stands contain different boxing equipment that a boxer can use for training. A boxing station can be kept at the gym or at home. It provides the trainer, the advantage of having more space in his gym by getting a stand that secures different boxing equipment in one place.

Boxers can train on speed bags, boxing bags, floor to ceiling balls, pushup handles and dip bars, and chin-up bar all in one place. More than one boxer can train at the boxing stand at once. Given below are different training equipment offered in boxing stations.

Boxing bags

Boxing stations at Hyper Fight and Fitness, call 847-233-0656 to scheduleBoxing bags are used for practicing different types of kicks and punches in both advanced and basic training. Boxing bags are vertically mounted on boxing stations and are usually filled with sand to provide a strong yet bendable material for impact. The bags are made from a durable material that prevents them from tearing when hit with high impact punches.

Punching bags help boxers improve their punching speed and strength. Multiple muscles located in the lower and upper body contract when boxers punch the heavy bag. Muscles like the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, latissimus dorsi, triceps, deltoids and pectorals become stronger when boxers use the punching bag regularly.

Speed bags

Speed bags are air-filled bags used for developing speed and accuracy in professional and amateur boxers. A speed bag is connected to a swivel that allows the bag to move in a circular motion, backwards and forwards and from side to side. The rebound platform located parallel to the ground, just beside the speed bag allows the bag to bounce back towards the boxer and create a rhythm or a beat.

Speed bags help improve hand and punch speed, hand-eye coordination and teaches the boxer to hold his fists high. It helps the boxer to aim accurately at a moving target and enhances endurance in shoulder muscles.

Floor to ceiling balls

Floor to ceiling balls are boxing apparatus that boxers use to improve their punching accuracy, speed and timing. The bag moves in an unpredictable motion so it is generally given to experienced boxers. The floor to ceiling bag is a round bag on a rubber line which is connected to the ceiling at one end and to the floor on the other. On a boxing stand, the floor to ceiling bag is connected to a metal frame located at a great height.

A floor to ceiling ball allows the boxer to move around the ball and hit it from different directions. The ball’s unpredictable motion acts like movements of an opponent. It gives the boxer an idea of dodging sudden punches and moving around the opponent.

Dip and push-up bars

Boxing requires a lot of upper body strength. Dip and push up bars featured in boxing stations help strengthen different muscles in the boxer’s shoulders, arms, torso, upper-back and chest.
Dips help in toning triceps by isolating them and giving them an intensive workout. The boxer works against his entire body weight using a dip bar. The exercise also tones abdomen muscles like obliques and abdominis.

Pushup exercises focus on different muscles depending on the technique the boxer is using. A classis pushup technique focuses on strengthening triceps and deltoids. Other muscles such as quads, glutes and abdominal muscles also get tones with this exercise.

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