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Muay Thai Chicago | 847-233-0656 | Thai Kickboxing Classes

Muay Thai Chicago - Basic Muay Thai Techniques

Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport and is popular in western martial arts competitions. The sport use kickboxing techniques to hit opponents who are on their feet. Beginner students of Muay Thai, learn attacks that are practiced on pads, in air or against a heavy bag. The beginner training routine usually involves toning and strengthening different muscles of the body. Given below are a few basic fighting techniques thought to Muay Thai Chicago students at our Hyper Fight & Fitness Club.

Muay Thai Chicago - The round kick

Muay Thai Chicago  847-233-0656  Thai Kickboxing ClassesYou can easily distinguish Muay Thai boxing from western boxing as the makes extensive use of legs to attack the opponent. Western boxing involves the fights to mainly use their hands to throw punches. Muay Thai uses knees, feet and elbows to hit the opponent. The Thai round kick is one of the basic strike methods thought to beginners.

To perform the kick, you need to stand with your left foot ahead of your right foot. You need to then step at a forty five degree angle towards the left side and towards the front using your left foot. You need to then, raise your right knee towards your waist.

The kick is administered by pivoting on your left foot and swinging the right leg in a forward direction to kick your opponent. The knee of the right foot stays slightly bent throughout the swing and comes at a downwards angle on your opponent. You need to be more flexible and agile to deliver a higher kick. The same kick is then repeated by standing on the right foot and swinging the left foot.

Muay Thai Chicago - Jab

Jab punches are the most basic and common punching techniques. It is simpler that a straight punches and needs your whole body to move instead of just moving your arm. Beginners learning jab need to determine the range of their punching attack. Jabs can also be used as a defensive maneuver to keep your opponent back.

To jab your opponent, stand with your fists in front of your face. Use a positive boxing stance to steady yourself. In this position, the left fist should be close you your left cheek with left elbow bent. You need to then extend your left hand straight forward to punch your opponent or training bag. You will need to extend your arm at a higher position if your opponent is taller than you. After throwing the punch, pull your arm back instantly and set it in starting position. Repeat the technique with your right. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything in detail when you sign up for Muay Thai Chicago classes at Hyper Fight & Fitness Club.

Muay Thai Chicago - Elbow strike

Elbow strikes are very powerful and have the potential to knockout your opponent. An elbow strike requires you to swing your elbow straight towards the opponent’s chin. Beginners are given a heavy bag to practice elbow swings to avoid accidentally hurting their partner.

To perform an elbow strike, stand with your feet slightly apart in front of a pad or heavy bag. Bend your right arm towards your side and hold your right fist in front of your right folder. Swing your elbow upwards towards to graze the training bag at chin height. Repeat the procedure using your left arm.

Any type of training requires your body to be fit and healthy enough to endure impacts and strain. Get a complete medical checkup from your doctor before your enroll for Muay Thai Chicago classes.

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