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Personal Training Chicago | 847-233-0656 | Boxing Technique Classes

Personal training Chicago – we teach boxing techniques in our personal training classes

Training yourself properly for a boxing event is very important as you are going to be facing a live opponent who is unpredictable unlike training bags and pads. You need to deliver some powerful punches at your opponents and avoid the same coming from them.

To prepare yourself for a professional boxing match, you need to work with an experienced boxing coach who can show your different boxing techniques and styles, and prepare your body for the sport. Given below are some personal training techniques that a professional boxing trainer focuses on developing in his apprentice.

Personal Training Chicago - Hand speed

Personal Training Chicago, 847-233-0656, boxing technique classes in Hyper Fight and Fitness ClubYour personal trainer will assist you in improving your hand speed to deliver more unpredictable punches in the ring. You need to learn to throw punches accurately and quickly. Trainers will instruct you to practice on a speed bag to improve speed.

Practicing on the speed bad will enhance your jab punches and help you throw them in a rhythmic and speedy manner. A quick jab is essential to surprise your opponent and get the opportunity to throw more intense punches.

Trainers will instruct you to hit the speed bag using a rhythm of 1-2-3 consecutively. Through this, the speed bag will bounce back towards you after hitting the supporting board, allowing you to hit it again. You can practice the speed bad using either hands or both hands in each set. Normally, personal trainers will let you practice on the speed bag for up to 30 minutes between other training routines.

Personal Training Chicago - Footwork

Boxing isn’t only about throwing punches. It involves a lot of footwork that enables a boxer to move towards and away from his opponent. Quick feet are just as important as strong arm muscles. If you are fast on your feet, you will be able to move around the ring more quickly and surprise your opponents with jabs and hooks Leg muscles also need to be strong to enable you to stand and move around in the ring for a long time.

Your personal trainer may instruct you to jump rope to build your leg muscles. Jumping rope has been used to improve footwork throughout boxing history and has helped many professional boxers to move quickly on their feet.

Personal Training Chicago - Roadwork

Many fighters do roadwork exercises to maintain sharpness and gain endurance throughout the boxing match. Roadwork exercises may involve jogging early in the morning before reporting to actual training. It helps in warming up the body for vigorous boxing exercises and improves efficiency. Your personal trainer may instruct you to run up to file miles at least four times a week if you are training for a professional fight.

Personal Training Chicago - Sparring

Sparring enables you to experience boxing with a real opponent. You can know what it is like to face an unpredictable opponent instead of just heavy bags and pads. Sparring does not actually mean an actual boxing fight with the intension of knocking the other person down, but testing the speed and agility of your punches with another fighter. Your personal boxing trainer will advise you how to throw combinations and identify an opportunity to throw a high impact punch.

Personal trainers are good to get vigorous training for a boxing match. Without other apprentices to train, you coach will able to watch you more closely, recognize your weaknesses and help your improve them.

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