Liv Wolicki

Liv Wolicki


olivia wolicki

Being the only girl trainer in our gym, Olivia Wolicki brings a variety of fun ways to exercise and stay healthy. Always trying new ways and strategies to keep others dedicated like she does for herself. Only being 21 years old she constantly pushes herself to be active, healthy, and enjoy her youth by teaching other to follow and do the same.


  • Gymnastics Coach for 8 years
  • Cheerleading Coach for 6 years
  • Personal Trainer 3 years
  • Nutrition Consultant 3 years
  • Currently getting ready for 1st Bodybuilding Figure Competition
  • Overall Athlete since the age of 3

Olivia Wolicki’s Accomplishments

  • 2007-2009 Nominated and Awarded into the MSL Leadership Program
  • 2006-2010 IHSA State Champion High School Varsity Cheerleader 4 years in a row.
  • 2009-2011 Competed at the World Championships of Cheerleading Orlando, Florida
  • 2012 Spartan Race Athlete
  • Personal Trainer Certification for International Sports Science Association ( ISSA)
  • American Sport Education Program Certified (ASEP)


  • All level weight loss
  • body fat reduction
  • circuit training
  • flexibility
  • athletics
  • plyometrics
  • resistance training
  • nutrition counseling