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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Below you can find general FAQs how to use automated access at Hyper Fight Club.


How does the 24/7 fully automated access work? Does that mean you are open all the time?

No, the doors are actually locked all the time. However all active members are still able to get in using the key tag. When a member is terminated, the key tag will not unlock the door. Any one that uses the open gym, participates in classes or does personal training has to have membership in place. The membership fees are deducted monthly or quarterly from debit or a credit card.


What if I just want to stop by and see the facility?

Every one that wants to inquire more information or wants to participate in a first free class needs to make an appointment or book the trial class through the website.


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What kind of memberships does Hyper Fight Club offer?

There are two types: for “Open Gym,” where you are free to use any of our equipment, or “Unlimited,” where in addition to gym access you have the option to join any one of our classes we offer.


I’ve never done anything like this before. Is experience required?

Not at all! Nearly 80% of our members started at the club never having any type of “fight” training experience. While all our programs are designed by experienced fighters, we understand that many of our members are just looking to get in great shape.


Is it a “man’s” gym or are there options for women as well?

About 65-70% of our members are male; however there are plenty of female members at the club as well. We pride ourselves on our strong sense camaraderie and community at Hyper Fight Club, so regardless of your age, skill level, or sex, you’ll feel welcome.


Is sparring/contact required?

No, absolutely not. Many of our members choose not to do it – but if you do, it will be done with great care. Safety is our primary goal at Hyper Fight Club, so should you decide to step into the ring, it will be under strict supervision.


I would like to compete. Do you have a team?

Yes, we do. Every year we field a team of boxers for the Golden Gloves Tournament.


Is there a limit to how many classes I can take per day?

No. One of the perks of our unlimited membership is that you can come as often as you

wish. We only ask that you get to class on time.


Are there any cancellation fees or other hidden fees?

We don’t believe in contracts or cancellation fees. In other words, if you wish to cancel,

we ask that you let us know via email, mail to fill out a form at the club at least 7 days

prior to your next scheduled payment.


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