Summer Body Fit Camp

12 Weeks Summer Body Fit Camp


Summer’s on its way, and that means it’s only a matter of time until you peel down into a body-baring swimsuit and hit the beach. To help you look and feel your best we are bringing you 12 Weeks Summer Body Fit Camp, a program that will help you lose fat and tone up in time for beach season.

Workout Plan:
The 12 week camp consists of three or two workouts per week.
3 workouts per week:
Day 1| Resistance Training: Legs and Booty
Day 2| Resistance Training: Arms and Abs
Day 3| HIIT Cardio Full Body

2 workouts per week:
Day 1| Resistance Training: Full Body
Day 2| HIIT Cardio Full Body

Meal Plan:
The meal plan follows simple guidelines, as we know how hard it is to stick to an overly-complicated diet. You’ll find no hempseed kebabs in this plan, just real, clean food that will sufficiently fuel your body. The meal plan contains different categories of measured foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, which allows you to pick and choose your own meals every day so that you don’t feel restricted.

WOW Effect Plan:
To make the challenge even more exciting we have teamed up with some amazing, local business to bring prizes to the lucky lady with the best body transformation, and we mean B.I.G!

✔Family Photo session from Joanna W Photography
✔Spa Treatment from Sono Bella Clinica for 1st, 2nd,3rd and 4th place
✔Eye Lash Extensions by Agatka Wyszynski
✔Flower Arrangement from Design de Flores, Inc.
✔Hair Treatment from Vogue Hair Spa
✔Manicure and pedicure from LG Spa and Lounge
✔New outfit from Dorota DejaVu
✔Wake-Me-Up spa basket from Iriy Soapworks


If you are up for the challenge, there are only 3 steps!
1. Sign up for the program HERE!
2. Schedule your time so we can take your “Before” photo and your measurements!
3. Put in the WORK!

Sweaty Sunday, March 11th at 9am will be the official kickoff workout of 12 Weeks Summer Body Fit Camp and we can’t wait to meet all the ladies that will embark on this WEIGHTLOSS JOURNEY with Hyper Fight Fitness!


Beginners Level

Mon, Wed, Fri 5.45AM

Tue, Thu 5.45AM

Tue, Thu 8.45AM

Tue, Thu 7PM


Intermediate Level

Mon, Wed, Fri 7AM

Mon, Wed, Fri 9AM

Mon, Wed, Fri 6PM

Mon, Wed, Fri 7PM