10 Weeks Summer Body Fit Camp

10 Weeks Summer Body Fit Camp

Starts MARCH 11, 2019



We are pleased to announce that the spring/summer boot camp is now open for bookings!

The new ‘evolved’ boot camp is designed to act as a kick start or extra push to those looking for weight loss/fitness goals. We think sustained, long term exercise is the only way to long term fitness goals but have found that group intensive programmes act as a great way to start people in the right direction.

We’ve been running fitness and weight loss programmes for years now and have gradually adapted our programmes to make them as effective as possible – we feel this latest program is the best we have done, because it includes MYZONE Heart Monitoring System. MYZONE* motivates you to put in the effort required to get the health and fitness results you want. It encourages you to keep to your exercise routine with a device you can trust, data based on your effort rather than fitness, and an active online community. Because the reality is that if you hit your numbers, you’ll hit your goals

Workout Plan:
Your weekly workout plan will depend on your goals! If you want to lose weight, you definitely want to take Bootcamp, HIIT and Cardio Boxing classes. If you want to build muscle or tone up, you want to go with Strength Training and Resistance Training. You can MIX and MATCH classes, but all depends on the availability. First come, first serve.

Meal Plan:
The meal plan follows simple guidelines, as we know how hard it is to stick to an overly-complicated diet. You’ll find no hempseed kebabs in this plan, just real, clean food that will sufficiently fuel your body. The meal plan contains different categories of measured foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, which allows you to pick and choose your own meals every day so that you don’t feel restricted.

Rewards Plan:
To make the challenge even more exciting we have teamed up with some amazing, local business to bring raffle prizes to those of you that will PUT IN THE EFFORT!

Here is how you will score points!
1. Total amount of weight loss during 10 weeks – 1 point per lb
2. Total amount of body fat % loss- 2 point per % body fat
3. Total amount of muscle mass % increase -1 point per % muscle mass
4. Effort over the duration of the challenge- 1 pt per 1500 MEPs ( Myzone effort points) 2nd point at 3000 Meps, 3rd at 4500.
5. 10 Check-ins to “Hyper Fight Fitness” on Facebook every time you workout- 1 pt. ( Must be on PUBLIC)
6. Facebook/Google/Yelp review – 1 pt for each review

There is no limit to the number of tickets you can earn so the more tickets the more chances at winning!

✔Family Photo session from Joanna W Photography
✔Spa Treatment from Sono Bella
✔Eye Lash Extensions by Agat Ka
✔Flower Arrangement from Design de Flores, Inc.
✔Manicure & No Chip by Diana at Avangarda Hair Studio
✔Dinner at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant
✔Hair Treatment from Vogue Hair Spa
✔Pressotherapy session from DejaVu salon
✔Wake-Me-Up spa basket from Iriy Soapworks

If you are up for the challenge, there are only 3 steps!

1. Sign up for the Fit Camp!

2. Schedule your time so we can take your “Before” photo, your measurements and set up your Myzone Belt**

3. Put in the WORK and have FUN.

Hyper Club Hour, March 8th at 7pm will be the official kickoff workout of 10 Weeks Summer Fit Camp, season 2 and we can’t wait to meet all the ladies that will embark on this WEIGHTLOSS JOURNEY with Hyper Fight Fitness!




*MYZONE® MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt – worth 99 – will be yours to keep if you decide to become Hyper member after the 10 week Summer Body Fit Camp, season 2 ends. If not, we will not hold it against you, just make sure to return the belt to us by May 18th. If you decide to keep the belt, but not continue with Hyper, we will charge the card on file $99.

*New clients only, or clients that have not been to Hyper for the last 6 months.

Train. Earn Points. Win Prizes. Have Fun. Repeat!