Back to School and Back to Fitness – 4 Fitness Tips for Busy Parents

Back to School and Back to Fitness – 4 Fitness Tips for Busy Parents

As parents, you will understand how difficult it can be to find any free time to yourself. When you aren’t working, cleaning, tidying, and looking after the kids, you’re probably trying to get a half-decent amount of sleep so you don’t feel like a zombie the next day. When looking after your kids, it can be tough to find the time to enjoy a cup of coffee, never mind to find the time to head to the gym and workout. In terms of weight loss and fitness, however, it’s vital that you take your health seriously and do what you can to get some much-needed exercise. When the kids go back to school, this will provide you with the perfect opportunity to start working out. You may only have a spare hour or so, but in truth, if you know what you’re doing, you won’t even need that to get fitter and healthier. Here are some tips on getting fitter and healthier when your kids are in school.


Consider taking fitness classes – If you are struggling to find motivation and time to get in shape, why not sign up for small group fitness classes? Fitness classes are great because they do not last very long, they are taught by seasoned fitness experts, and they’re a great way of meeting new people and helping to motivate one another. Our fitness studio offers a variety of different group training sessions so why not take a look at the fitness classes we have on offer?


Make every minute count – As a parent, you need to make every free minute you have count. This means that when the kids are in school, you can’t use this as an excuse to sit around watching TV. You need to ensure any work is complete that needed doing, plus you must ensure the house is clean and tidy. You also need to use this time to get your workouts in. If you have time you can head to the gym and squeeze a quick weight loss workout in, or if not, you could go for a walk, or even perform a quick bodyweight circuit in your own home. Basically, make every minute you have free count, and use it to help get yourself fitter and healthier.


Prep your meals – Getting fit and healthy isn’t just about exercising, it’s also about eating healthily. Healthy eating is easy if you plan in advance, which is where meal prepping is so useful. Basically, use any free time you have, to cook a series of simple, yet tasty, healthy meals that will keep in the fridge or freezer, which can simply be eaten cold, or reheated, during the week. With healthy meals prepped you can simply grab one out of the fridge, reheat in the microwave, and stick to your diet without spending hours each day cooking and washing pots and pans.


Find an exercise you enjoy – Exercise should not be a chore, it should be enjoyable. It may be tough, but you should still enjoy doing what you are doing. If the thought of going to the gym and walking on a treadmill is filling you with dread, don’t go! Instead, consider walking outdoors if that seems more enjoyable. If you hate jogging but love cycling, try squeezing in a bike ride in the afternoon, before you’re due to pick the kids up again. Basically, if you don’t enjoy a certain type of exercise, don’t do it. Instead, find a form of exercise or physical activity you do enjoy, and do that instead. When you’re enjoying yourself, working out won’t feel like a challenge, and the time will fly by.

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