Beginners Boxing

Beginners Boxing

Boxing 101 Chicago is a great workout regimen that can help develop better reflexes and also drop pounds of weight while adding toned muscles to your body. Instead of practicing at home through DVD’s which can get monotonous it is best try Hyper Fight Club’s beginners boxing classes which can improve self defense skills and also get you into shape. During an introduction session of boxing 101 you will be taught about basis of the sport in terms of body stance, moving around in a confined space and hitting out at stationery and moving boxing sacks. Boxing trainers prefer to advice students personally on the boxing gear and equipment themselves according to their body structure and endurance levels.

Whatever boxing style you are practicing on a daily basis remember to start it with warm-up exercises followed by actual boxing techniques and ending of the session with cooling off movements.

During your first few days of practice class to learn the basics of boxing the following details will be discussed.

  • Stance – Plant your feet wide apart firmly with lightly bent knees in the practice area and with your back heels slightly lifted upwards. Hold your arms at chest level and make a loose fist with your left hand. Keep your left fist a foot before left jaw and hold right arm against the right side of the head with hand held tightly into a fist. Keep your head slanted lightly towards the right with chin tucked inwards. Body should be relaxed with even breathing and elbows pointing downwards.
  • Body movement – While moving forward or towards the left always remember to step holding the left leg forward and follow with right leg. To move backwards or towards the right move ahead with the right leg first and then drag the left leg forward. Do not try to jump around the ring with both feet like the show in the movies while throwing punches. This will exhaust you quickly and make the punches weaker as the body is not anchored properly on to the ground.
  • Punching movement – Breath out when you are throwing relaxed punches at the boxing sack while practicing your strength. Take care to quickly revert to starting position when you are practicing with an opponent to avoid getting countered. Concentrate on well timed accurate punches instead of flurry of moves which do not meet the target. Maintain calm and pace yourself with each movement to slowly move forward by gradually breaking the opponent’s defense.
  • Breathing – Avoid panting through the mouth and never stop breathing throughout the exercise. Beginners tend to stop breathing and lose focus when throwing or avoiding punches in the ring making them lose breath quickly while moving around the ring. This makes the tire out quickly as they are out of breath within a short period.

While practicing boxing with an opponent always remember to maintain eye contact to retain focus on the game. People who look away while punching their opponents or getting punched tend to throw inaccurate punches and sometimes become blind to counter punches.

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