CrossTraining/ Kettlebells

Cross Training/Kettlebells

In the pursuit of strength gains, improved performance and a chiseled midsection, it’s important to utilize every method at your disposal. Too many guys get stuck on a single technique or school of thought and dig themselves into a rut that’s hard to escape. We all experience plateaus, and to surpass them they need to be approached constructively. In order to grow, we need to reinvent ourselves and the things we do. In the gym, this involves stepping outside of your comfort zone and seeking fresh, dynamic programs. Cross-Training epitomizes this approach, drawing from a variety of disciplines and incorporating them into vigorous and supremely productive workouts. Cross-Training is the method of combining several different workout strategies (for instance, body building, track and field, and boxing) for a single, comprehensive training session. Remember the ripped guys from the movie 300 a few years ago? They relied exclusively on cross-training to achieve their collectively jacked look.
Here at Hyper Fight Fitness we train in the most effective and efficient ways possible. Our cross training workout routines combine olympic weightlifting, mixed martial arts movements, body weight resistance training and a variety of other strength and conditioning techniques including functional movements to help you get in the best shape of your life.
Substantial part of each workout is Russian style kettlebell training, which is very versatile and can be used to build various muscles of both upper and lower body.

Kettlebell Chicago and benefits of your training

Monotonous exercise routines are not challenging, so training with kettlebells is a good alternative method of improving strength. Some benefits of kettlebell training include:

  • Conditioning: Many kettlebell exercises need to be done in sets of 10s and 20s consistently. The sets are controlled, but have to be performed at a fast rate. The exercises target different muscle groups in the body and condition them.
  • Targeting core and hips: The kettlebell tones muscles from the user’s entire body, but many kettlebell exercises target the core and hip areas for more stabilization and control. Other kettlebell routines like the clean and the swing, require explosive movements from the user.
  • Improves grip strength: Kettlebell training helps in increasing forearm strength, which enable you to have more punch power.
  • Improved flexibility: Kettlebell movements require a lot of flexibility. Introductory kettlebell exercises improve natural flexibility in your body and enable you to progress to more advanced exercises.

Other things that you might find yourself doing or using during our Cross Training Camp are:

    • Russian Style Kettlebells
    • Battle Ropes, Jump Ropes and Rope Climbing
    • Gymnastics Rings, Plyometrics and Box Jumps
    • Rowing, Tire Flipping and Wind Sprints
    • Boxing Equipment, Medicine Balls and Heavy Bag Training
    • Bosu Balls and Resistance Bands
    • And Barbells, Dumbbells and Olympic Style Lifts

Hyper Fight Fitness workouts are constantly varied and intensify each week. We use different routines for each workout so your strength and conditioning is continually tested to its limits. We always stress quality over quantity at Hyper Fight Fitness.

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