Online Class Sign-In

Online Class Sign-In

They say the best way to develop a regular fitness routine is to plan your class times and schedule them into your calendar just like any other important appointment, so download the ‘MindBody’ App or visit us online to find the latest and most up-to- date schedule and book your classes in advance!

to classes online on your computer

You can sign into classes online in advance, so that you can plan your week ahead and never have to worry about getting turned away from busy classes! You can make Recurring Reservations for multiple classes for the prepaid period. For example if you have quarterly membership, you will be able to make recurring reservations for whole 3 months. You have up until 1 hour before the start of the scheduled class time to reserve your spot.

1. Sign into your MindBody account
2. Click on the “ Daily Classes” tab and then click on the “Sign up now” button beside the class that you would like to take.
3. Make a Single or Recurring Reservation

Once you have signed into class online, when you get to the gym, check in with front desk person scan to show us that you have arrived. You have until 5 mins before the start of the class to show up and sign-in. If you do not arrive by 5 minutes before the start of the scheduled class, your web sign-in is no longer valid and you risk losing your space to someone waiting there in person

If you know that you are not going to make the class that you signed up for, please cancel yourself from the class prior to the class start time. Our Courtesy Policy is below. If you have any questions about the web sign-in procedures or need help with the process, don’t hesitate to contact us email (hyperlink to or phone at 773-366-2983. We’re here to help!

to classes on your smart phone.

1. Download MindBody App
2. Launch the MindBody App and select “Or continue with email”. Please make sure to use the same email and password that was used during the creation of the MindBody account at the gym or with the purchase of FREE TRIAL CLASS.
3. Enter your email, password, than tap Next
4. Enter your first name, last name, email preferences and tap Create Account
5. Log in to email account to confirm your address and sync your MindBody account.
6. Search for Hyper Fight Fitness and mark This will give you instant access to your Hyper Fight Fitness schedule, every time you open the app.
7. If you made recurring reservations online, you will see your schedule here. You can cancel those classes and book different ones.

Courtesy Policy

1. If you can’t make a class you’ve booked a spot for, you have up until 2 hours before the start of the class to cancel your spot online.
2. If you didn’t cancel in time and/or you are a “no show” the class will counted toward your weekly pool of classes.
3. If you have an unlimited Classes membership, a $10 fee will be charged to your account. If your account balance exceeds $50, your membership will be suspended until the balance is paid.
4. BE GOOD TO OTHERS. If you can’t make a class, cancel well in advance to let someone else take your spot.