What is cellReset?

1. cellRESET …is a natural 3 phase lifestyle program from Germany and a practical solution for a slim, fit and energetic life. The concept of cellRESET is the natural balance and optimization of hormonal and metabolic functions.

2. cellRESET…is not a diet, but a user manual for a modern life.

3. cellRESET is accompanied by a scientific advisory board, working on a comprehensive nutrition study.

4. It provides a significant weightloss although it is merely a side effect of the program . it helps the body to cleanse of deposits of cholesterol, toxins and heavy metals while feeding it with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The body then returns to balance, and therefore seeks to obtain a lower body mass.

5. It supplies the body with vitality and energy – it leaves the body free from contaminants as well as provides the correct dose of vitamin B, which is responsible for energy production, vigor and the zest for life.

6. It makes the skin smooth and firm – the body fed with amino acids-proline and lysine (the essentials for the formation of healthy collagen), as well as adequate intake of water and electrolytes guarantees incredibly smooth, radiant complexion and supple skin.

7. It provides nutrients essential for healthy and shiny hair, strong nails, and luminous complexion. It contains selenium, zinc, manganese which are responsible for the healthy and glowing condition of skin, hair and nails.

8. It helps to lower the levels of fat visceral (an organ – which is responsible for heart disease, pancreatitis, hepatitis, cancer, diabetes) and increase the level of hydration.

9. It stops sweet cravings. Large amounts of chromium and vitamin B regulate the level of sugar and minerals such as magnesium and calciumw hich effectively de-acidify the body and therefore decrease the demand for sugar and sweets.

10. It changes the eating habits; eliminates salt cravings and maximizes water intakes.

11. It reduces constipation, intestinal problems (gas, bloating), migraines, headaches, depression and many others. How is that possible? Proper diet (completely natural, without allergens) and nutrients contained in supplements FitLine (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) return the body to its “initial state”, and leaves it with the strong immune system.

28 days cellRESET program

First phase ( 28 days) revolves around the purification of your body through detox.Second phase is called Stabilization/Programming which lasts for about 3 months in order to stabilize your results from phase one.
The final phase, is called the Lifestyle phase. All the guidelines will become like second nature, and you take care of your body the way it should have been always taken care of.

Products recommended in the first month:

  • 1 Pro-Shape Amino – essential amino acids for building muscle/mass
  • 1 Basics – vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and probiotics
  • 3 Item of Herbalism Tea – Purifies, stimulates and detoxifies the body.
  • 3 Activize Oxyplus – Vitamin B complex for energy and recovery
  • 3 Resstorate Sensitivity – Balances blood sugar, helps purify the body and assists in recovery

Used in combination the products listed above give the best results to improve sport health, performance, and body composition.

cell RESET program is now available in Chicago and this is the time to change your life! Call 847-233-0656 and book an appointment so that we can show you the amazing benefits of cellReset.

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