Youth Summer Fit Camp

Youth Summer Fit Camp

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well… depending on who you ask, I suppose!

Summer is here, meaning the kids will soon be out of school with TONS of time on their hands, so why not make the most of their summer by ensuring they’re staying active and learning healthy habits when it’s most important. Teaching our youth the value of healthy living should be a priority for us all – and will set them up for success down the road. This summer, we are running our First Youth Fitness Program: a 3 week camp that introduces kids to the benefits of staying active while teaching them proper form and generating excitement around fitness! Our goal is to educate youth on how to live a happy, healthy, and FIT future!


Unlike many traditional summer programs – we won’t be wasting much time on the unnecessary. Our youth fitness program is intentional, directional, and of course – TONS of fun! Program participants can expect a high-energy, rewarding experience from the moment they walk into our gym, right down to the very last day. Our team of highly-qualified fitness leaders understands that this can be an intimidating space for youth who haven’t found their fitness stride just yet – not to worry though, they’re in GREAT hands! Some of the main areas we will focus on are how to create and maintain healthy exercise habits, build and tone muscles, increase lean body mass, and improve hand-eye coordination. By encouraging participation in various activities and assessments, we will also place an emphasis on improving balance, movement, endurance, flexibility and agility. This will be done through a number of independent and group exercises & games.

Living A Screen-Free Summer (Kind Of)…

Look, we get it. Kids are being inundated with technology – like, they literally cannot go a day without putting in some screen-time. While in the club, kids are encouraged to ditch their phones (putting them safely away, of course), in order to maximize their experience! At the end of the day, kids want to have fun. By keeping the energy high and keeping them busy, we’ll have them forgetting all about their apps and social sites. Well… hopefully🤞🏻. Our goal is to introduce kids to new ways of getting active and learning how to make more healthy choices. By incorporating many fun activities, team building exercises, and challenges, we will ensure that they go home with tons of new ideas on how to stay fit without having to search it on Google.

Youth Fitness Project: Summer Fit Camp

Our summer fitness program is a carefully curated approach to youth fitness. We’re excited to bring youth a program that not only suits their needs and teaches them important life skills, but also one that gets them excited to wake up, SHOW UP, and give us all they got! Opportunities like these teach kids important, fundamental life lessons about self-development and help them build the confidence that carries them through adolescence into adulthood. Our zero-judgment space allows for participants to feel safe, be authentic, break through barriers, set goals, and – best of all – to GROW! While there’s tons of room for independent growth, the program seeks to foster a community-oriented, team-building atmosphere.

Hyper is THE gym to form new friendships and to learn important social skills while staying active and having fun! Even by limiting kids’ screen time for a few hours during the week, we can ensure that the time is spent doing something valuable and important! There’s truly no escape in this digital age, however by bringing it back to the basics, we can teach youth how to make important decisions about their health and wellness without having to look it up. Our focus this summer will be to create a positive space for program participants to learn about the importance of staying active while they’re still young! Kids will learn how to create and maintain healthy exercise habits, build and tone muscles, increase lean body mass, and improve hand-eye coordination – all by people who know what they’re doing!


  • Free Demo Session, Saturday, June 3rd, 11.30 AM (text 773-366
  • Girls and boys ages 10 to 14 years old
  • June Session: June 13th to June 29th
  • July session: July 11th to July 27th
  • 16 spots available per session
  • Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays
  • 11.30am to 1pm
  • cost per session $225 ( comes with camp t-shirt)
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