Train for life.


24/7 access

Hyper Fight Fitness grants its Open Gym members automated access to the facility during unmanned hours. There is NO OPEN GYM Monday - Friday from 5pm to 8pm. These time slots are dedicated to classes only. Each member must scan a key fob at the front of the door to gain access to the facility. 

Large, open 8,000 sq/ft gym floor

equipped with boxing, CrossFit  and strength gym equipment.

Boxing gym like no other

Our gym is fully equipped with everything a boxer needs. We have an array of heavy bags in a variety of sizes, platform mounted speed bags; and double ended bags. 

Boxing Ring

No boxing gym is complete without a ring, and ours is no exception. In addition to a 20 square ft ring, we also have a sparring interval timer and scales. 

Faster, stronger, fitter...


Our boxing fitness equipment includes slam-n-ropes; speed and agility ladders, agility balls, medicine balls, speed-ropes, resistance bands and of course an entire exercise gym jam packed with all the very best fitness equipment.

Functional Training

Workout area, with rubber mats and a full rig for pull ups, squats, bench pressing, wall balls, and rope climbs and pretty much any other gym activity

Cross Training

Full complement of Rogue equipment, C2 Rowers, Echo Bikes, Ski Ergs, GHDs, Rings, Ropes, and everything else you need for your CrossFit gym workouts


Myzone is a hardware, software and wearable platform that supports and motivates everyone in being more physically active, building a community and increasing member engagement. 

Alkaline Water Fountain

Our high functioning workouts need high-functioning super-water. Re-structured alkaline water helps to neutralize the increase in lactic acid in your muscles, as well as keep you deeply hydrated before, during and after your workout. The increase in hydration also means a decreased chance of injury in joints and “dry” muscles. The more your body is hydrated, the more smoothly it will operate when under physical duress. Hydrate. 

Showers & Changerooms

Fit for a pro, our spacious change-rooms offer lockers, showers and toilet facilities.

Now you can generate a sweat before work; during your break; or before you hit the town - and smell as great as you look!


3919 Wesley Ter

Schiller Park, il 60176